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Life? It's over rated anyway...

My innane ramblings

14 May 1988
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Umm... Something about me? Okay, here's some facts:

☆I live in Finland.
☆I wish I lived somewhere warmer, preferrably in Japan but I'm not picky, anywhere warmer would be good.
☆I was born 14.05.1988 (if you wanna know how old I am, do the math).
☆I have two vocational degrees? (dunno if that's the right term in english but anyway...), a degree in baking and confectionary and a degree in restaurant cooking.
☆I love anime and manga, just to list some series I like:
♥Natsume Yuujin-chou
♥Code Geass
♥One Piece
♥Spiral - Suiri no Kizuna
To be continued...